Terms & Conditions

Why we need your information?
We need information from you to give you a quote and manage your policy, including sorting out any claims.

The information we keep about you includes your transactions with us, and anything that we’re told about you by other organisations or businesses.

We’ll only collect the information needed to give you the best service.

Sometimes, we might need to change the way we use your information. If it’s a big change, we’ll inform you by email at the address you supplied. When we do, you’ll have 60 days to let us know if you don’t want the new changes to happen. If we don’t hear from you in that time, it’ll mean that you’re happy for us to go ahead.

Who we’ll share your information with
First 4 Recovery Ltd is underwritten by UK General Insurance Limited. When you give us your details, we’ll share them with our insurance partners other brands, so we can give you the best products and services. 

We might also need to share your details with some other businesses and organisations. These could include underwriters, credit reference firms, fraud prevention agencies, and companies that work with us, or you.

That’s so we can work out financial and insurance risks, recover debts, prevent crime, and improve our products and services.

We won’t share your information with anyone outside our insurance partners and UK General Insurance Limited unless we’ve got your permission, or we’re legally allowed to.

As part of this agreement with you, we can also transfer rights and obligations.

Where we transfer your information
If we need to work with suppliers outside the UK, we might need to transfer your information. If we do, we’ll make sure they keep your details just as safe as we do.

To comply with the law and help prevent crime, they might also need to share your information with law enforcement agencies and the authorities.

Dealing with other people
We’ll deal with your spouse or partner on your behalf as long as they’re named on your policy. If you’d like someone else to deal with us for you, let us know. If at any time you would prefer that we dealt only with you, just say.

Keeping you posted
From time to time, we’ll be in touch about special offers or products you might be interested in.

If you’d prefer that we didn’t, let us know. Call 0333 101 0039 or email sales@first4recovery.co.uk.

You can also write to First 4 Recovery, King James VI Business Centre, Friarton road, Perth, PH2 8DY.

Seeing your information
You’ve got the right to see your information — you just need to make a ‘Subject Access Request’. Write to First 4 Recovery, King James VI Business Centre, Friarton road, Perth, PH2 8DY. Remember to include your reference number. There might be a small admin fee.

Cutting down fraud
To help stop fraud, we might share or check information with other organisations, including the police. If we do, we’ll always follow the Data Protection Act 1988.

If any of the details we’ve got look like they might be false or wrong, we’ll record that.

We, and other agencies, might also use fraud prevention agencies anywhere in the world to help make decisions about whether to give you or people you live with insurance, credit, or other financial services. We might also use them to recover debts, and check people’s identities to help stop money laundering.

It’s important you make sure everything you tell us is right, because these records are checked when people apply for insurance, credit, or work.

We can give you the names and addresses of the agencies we use, if you’d like a copy of the information they have about you. Just write to First 4 Recovery, King James VI Business Centre, Friarton road, Perth, PH2 8DY. Remember to include your reference. There might be a small admin fee for some requests.

If you’ve given us any information to do with anyone else, please make sure you also show this privacy policy to them.

At First 4 Recovery Ltd we aim to provide you with a smooth, easy but above all first class online service. However, there may be times when you feel that we have not done so. If this is the case, we would rather be told about it so that we can do our best to solve the problem in future. If you have a complaint then please contact us and we will make sure that your complaint is considered immediately.

If there is a disagreement between us which we cannot resolve to your satisfaction you can refer the complaint to the Financial Ombudsman Service (FOS) who, once contacted, will liaise with us on your behalf. The FOS will then inform you directly of its decision. Referral to the FOS will not prejudice your right to take subsequent legal proceedings. Their address is:

The Financial Ombudsman

Exchange Tower
E14 9SR
Telephone: 0800 023 4567 or 0300 123 9123